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Q. When can I apply for my Illinois Concealed Carry Permit?


A. After attending a 16 Hour Training Course (8 Hour NRA Basic Pistol Course, and an 8 Hour Illinois Concealed Carry Course (CCW). Once you successfully completing these two courses, you’ll receive a certificate indicating you have met all the training requirements necessary to obtain your Illinois Concealed Carry Permit.  At that point, you can apply for your Illinois Concealed Carry Permit.


Q. I’m a current/former member of the military, am I exempt from training?


 A. CRITICAL DECISION will gladly give up to 8 Hours credit towards your 16 Hours of required training for all Active, Retired, or Honorably Discharged members of the United States Armed Forces.  A Copy of your DD-214 is required the day of class.  This credit exempts you from the NRA Basic Pistol Course only.



Q. I don't have a valid Illinois FOID Card, can I still attend the training?


A. Yes, however, you'll need a valid FOID Card in order to apply for your permit.



Q. What do I need to bring to the class?



  • A good attitude
  • Valid Driver’s License, a State I.D., or Military I.D.
  • Former Military: Copy of your DD-214 or NRA Certificates
  • Black pen
  • Pencil w/ eraser
  • Notebook or Notepad to take notes
  • Sack Lunch & Refreshments
  • Handgun (Unloaded, clean, good functional condition) enclosed in a case.
  • At least 2 magazines (Semi-Auto) or speed loaders (Revolvers)
  • 100 Rounds of commercially produced ammunition (Federal, Remington, CCI, Winchester, etc…)
  • Holster (If you have one. Available at Walmart and other sporting goods stores)
  • Belt (Capable of holding the weight of a holsted firearm)
  • Jacket, vest, or button down over shirt (to practice concealing / drawing your firearm from the concealed)
  • Safety Glasses & Hearing Protection (Available at Walmart)



Q. I don't own a firearm or ammunition; can I still attend the training?


A. Yes, if you do have a firearm and ammunition, we encourage you to train with what you plan on carrying; however, CRITICAL DECISION has handguns available for rent, and ammunition available for purchase during the class.  Please make arrangements with us prior to class if you’d like to rent / purchase items to assure we have the proper equipment available for the class.



Q. What prior experience, training, or credit can be applied towards my 16 Hours of training?


A. We will gladly accept prior credit (up to 8 Hours) for Active, Retired, or Honorably Discharged members of the United States Armed Forces (Copy of DD-214 required), or training from any of the following NRA Courses: Basic Pistol, Personal Protection In the Home, or Personal Protection Outside the Home.



Q. Why don't you have A 12 Hour course for those who already have a Concealed Carry Permit from another state, or the Illinois Hunter Safety Course?


A. We understand that the Illinois State Police may grant "credit" towards required training hours to persons who currently hold a valid firearms permit from another state; have attended a Chicago Firearms Safety Course, or are graduates of an Illinois Hunter Safety Course, however, CRITICAL DECISION has no way of confirming the validity nor quality of these training courses.  CRITICAL DECISION does not recognize any credit given for these types of courses, unless you obtained your training directly from CRITICAL DECISION.  If you fall into this fore mentioned category, we encourage you to take the 16 Hour Course.  Former students, please contact us for further details.



Q. I'm handicapped and / or have special needs, can I attend the class?


A. CRITICAL DECISION will make every effort to accommodate you and your needs.  Please contact us at (630) 908-9950 so we can discuss your options.



Q. I'm pregnant, can I attend the class?


A. You will need documentation from your physician indicating that you’re cleared to participate in the use of firearms, and can be exposed to Lead, loud noises, and a shooting range environment.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at or at (630) 908-9950.

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